TDM Investment Portfolio and Dividend software is available FREE for a 45 day TRIAL by anyone running a Windows PC/Laptop/Netbook.   We are extremely excited to hear your feedback.  Whether it's a comment, suggestion, or an issue, please email us.


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Last Updated : January 03 2018.

This software requires an Internet connection to function properly.  Make sure you white list TDM with any Firewall or Internet blocking software.



*Installation Notes*

Some anti virus apps might tell you TDM is unsafe.  If so, it is a false positive.  TDM does not have any viruses, spyware or malicious content.  Here is a independent result of TDM : TDM Results   If you are running Windows defender, it may tell you we are an unknown application.  We are not a fortune 500 company hence that silly message.  Simply click the 'More Info' link and then click the 'Run Anyway' button.


Download Freeware PDF driver so that you can print reports to PDF to email or store.

TDM Testimonial

Dustin of Thomas Dividend Software has been absolutely terrific in helping me accommodate my clients’ needs.  He has bent over backwards to tweak the software and has always been available; quickly responding to emails even on weekends. The software is excellent and I would highly recommend it to both individuals for their own account and to professionals for their clients.

TDM Fact Sheet

You can setup customizable alerts.  Want to know when a stock is near its 52 week low?  Want to know when a stock dividend yield has achieved a certain level?  Want to know when a stock lowers to a point that the current yield is better than your yield?   Alerts like these and many additional types can be easily created!

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