About TDM

Back around 1999, I had everything invested with a brokerage.  Mutual funds etc.  Do you remember the .COM boom/crash?  Well, lost my shirt.  Not from my decisions, but by the advise of advisers.  The joke of the matter, is at the same time of the crash, I'm paying huge prior year capital gains on money i never made!  It was then that I washed my hands of advisers, and started dealing directly with individual equities based on my own research.

Over the years, i found that the stocks that were making me true money were the stocks that were paying dividends.  So, over the years i gradually gravitated to just about 100% dividend stocks.  My brokerage account was a joke for showing me any valuable information regarding dividends.  I had to bookmark about 12 different sites to correlate the information i needed, and then found that i had to create a spread sheet to keep track of it all.  I quickly came to the conclusion that this was a lot of work to maintain.  I am a computer programmer, I should be able to put something together that can automate this process.  This is how TDM came to be.  I spent two years writing the program.  After that, I spent another 9 months adding feature after feature for my needs and those of my friends.  I then released it to the public for free for over 7 months.  In that time, thanks to a handful of people out there, gave me valuable ideas and input.  The result is TDM.  For those people, like myself, that are heavily invested in dividends and want unique information specific to playing with dividends.  I have found this program to be immensely useful.  I hope you will as well. For those not dividend heavy, this is still a useful tool.

I feel it important to discuss what you are getting when you purchase TDM.  You are getting more than a program.  You are buying into a family.  We are very proactive.  Example.  I was emailed just a couple days ago from a client using TDM.  The person emailed me regarding some issues they were having with some CEFs. (Closed End Funds).  I emailed back within 15 minutes telling them i would get back to them within the day.  I then spent the next 5 hours researching the issue, confirming it was a problem, tracking down where the problem was coming from, and we modified TDM to resolve the issue.  I emailed back a link to download the fix.  The person installed it, confirmed to me the problem was resolved, and thanked me.  All of this within the same day.  We take pride in our work. We work with clients for input & future enhancements.  This is a growing project that will progress TDM into the most useful tool it can be.

If you feel the software is expensive, do take into consideration that TDM is not a high volume item.  To make it available to the public, you might be surprised at all the expenses to maintain the site.  Domain fees, website fees, email fees, SSL encryption fees, ability to accept credit card fees.  If you ever feel like you your not getting your monies worth, we would love to get your input.  We want everyone involved to feel like they have been treated fairly.

TDM Testimonial

That was great! The TDM dividend software installed quickly and easily and the symbols were very easy to add. I'm looking forward to seeing what I can do with this. I especially liked the add stock window staying visible when I used a window beneath it.

TDM Fact Sheet

You can setup customizable alerts.  Want to know when a stock is near its 52 week low?  Want to know when a stock dividend yield has achieved a certain level?  Want to know when a stock lowers to a point that the current yield is better than your yield?   Alerts like these and many additional types can be easily created!

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