Dividend Software to Seize the Power of Dividends

TDM  - a Portfolio and Dividend software tool that will make your dividend and portfolio tracking so much simpler.   TDM allows you to manage one or many stock portfolios. You will quickly discover why this dividend software goes so much further than what your on-line brokerage account shows you. This portfolio and dividend software at a quick glance shows you where you stand in terms of your dividend distributions such as your APY, how it compares to the current market APY.  Your dividend history, monthly payouts, guesstimated ex-dates and pay dates for non declared distributions.  I could go on and on, but the best thing for you to do is download TDM Dividend Software and see what it can do for you.  We have received MANY testimonials and our clients are extremely happy with the product.   We have also added many features for our clients, so if it's missing something let us know.  Here are few list of features TDM dividend software offers.

  • Automatic updates of stock information, dividend rates, and declared dividend dates
  • Automatic entry of dividend payments
  • Customized fields to show whats important to you
  • Stock chart price history
  • See your monthly distributions broken down by month
  • Detailed Dividend History
  • Dividend Pay rate history
  • Dividend Yield History
  • Your year to year stock performance
  • Upcoming Ex-Dividend List
  • Stock Charts
  • Stock News
  • Date range printable reports including bar and pie charts
  • Diversification Data & Chart
  • Register
  • Input Recurring Register Items (Automatic Deposits and/or Withdrawals)
  • Customized alerts
  • Fractional Shares
  • Find new stocks based on dividend yield
  • Stock Calculator
  • Export to Excel
  • Automatic CAD to USD rate conversion on distributions
  • A lot more....

TDM Testimonial

[Subject] Amazing support

Thank you for that amazing response time, I asked for a lighter red color for negative numbers on Saturday and get a revision that allows me to pick my own colors on Monday.

TDM Fact Sheet

Company hasn't released their ex-dividend date yet?  TDM makes an educated guess based on history as to when the next ex-dividend date and pay date will be!

2017 Dividend Dogs

Verizon 45.91 ▼0.77 (-1.65%)
Pfizer 33.92 ▲0.06 (0.18%)
Chevron 106.70 ▲1.23 (1.17%)
Boeing 184.83 ▲1.61 (0.88%)
Cisco 34.06 ▲0.31 (0.92%)
Coca-Cola 43.15 ▲0.14 (0.33%)
IBM 160.29 ▼0.03 (-0.02%)
Exxon Mobil 81.65 ▲0.38 (0.47%)
Caterpillar 102.26 ▼0.42 (-0.41%)
Merck 62.33 ▼0.25 (-0.40%)


Company ID [NYSE:VZ] Last trade:45.91 Trade time:4:00PM EDT Value change:▼0.77 (-1.65%)


Company ID [NYSE:PFE] Last trade:33.92 Trade time:4:01PM EDT Value change:▲0.06 (0.18%)


Company ID [NYSE:CVX] Last trade:106.70 Trade time:4:01PM EDT Value change:▲1.23 (1.17%)


Company ID [NYSE:BA] Last trade:184.83 Trade time:4:01PM EDT Value change:▲1.61 (0.88%)


Company ID [NYSE:CSCO] Last trade:34.06 Trade time:4:00PM EDT Value change:▲0.31 (0.92%)


Company ID [NYSE:KO] Last trade:43.15 Trade time:4:00PM EDT Value change:▲0.14 (0.33%)


Company ID [NYSE:IBM] Last trade:160.29 Trade time:4:01PM EDT Value change:▼0.03 (-0.02%)

Exxon Mobil

Company ID [NYSE:XOM] Last trade:81.65 Trade time:4:00PM EDT Value change:▲0.38 (0.47%)


Company ID [NASDAQ:CAT] Last trade:102.26 Trade time:4:00PM EDT Value change:▼0.42 (-0.41%)


Company ID [NYSE:MRK] Last trade:62.33 Trade time:4:00PM EDT Value change:▼0.25 (-0.40%)
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